What is the Best Waist Trainer for me?

Shopping for a Waist Trainer can seem pretty complicated! Its hard to know what size you are and what style Waist Trainer is perfect for your needs. 

Waist Trainer UK want this process to be as easy as possible. Shopping shouldn't be confusing! 

Lets start off with sizing!

Having the right size Waist Trainer is very important. If your Waist Trainer is too small it could be very uncomfortable and if your Waist Trainer is too loose it really wont be doing anything for you. The best way to figure out what size you are is by getting an accurate measurement of your waist in inches. Grab a tape measure and wrap it around the natural waist line (for most people this is a couple inches above the navel). Then take this number and compare it to the size chart we have provided for you.  Do not try to order a size that is smaller that what you need, these items are already high compression.

What style do you need? 

Before deciding this you need to ask yourself what you will be wearing your Waist Trainer for. Will you be wearing it throughout the day? Will you just be wearing it to the gym? 

❤ Top Waist Trainer for Everyday wear - With a Ionized Latex or Powernet exterior, our Classic Waist Trainers offer maximum compression. These are our most aggressive style of Waist Trainer. They are a longer torso fit making them ideal for love handles and lower tummy coverage. These are particularly popular amongst our Post Natal mums for use during recovery after childbirth.

❤ Top Waist Trainer for Working out - Our Sport Waist Trainers are ideal for almost any level of workout intensity, particularly cardio, however due to boning we do advise against wearing them for abdominal exercises i.e. sit-ups, crunches etc or any exercises involving bending i.e yoga, pilates. 

❤ Top tip! - It is advisable to invest in a couple of Waist Trainers (i.e. one for everyday and one for working out) and to alternate their usage frequently to avoid wearing them out, destroying their strength and to allow adequate time for cleaning and air drying in between, and so that each Waist Trainer gets to ‘rest’ between each wearing.  

Suffer from Back Pain? - Our Waist Trainers can aid to improve your posture (forces your back to an upright position) helping prevent and relieve back pain and tension that you probably did not realise was caused from slouching for those who stand or sit for long periods at a time e.g. retail, hospital, office etc

Please read the product descriptions associated with each product and choose the one best suited to the results you are trying to achieve or the one which is best suited to your needs.