Benefits of using a postpartum Waist Trainer:

  • Back Pain Recovery
  • Abdominal Support
  • Organ Repositioning
  • Ligament Stabilisation
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Posture Improvement

Waist Trainer UK postpartum shapewear can be used for medical reason, their design enables women to reduce the size of the swollen uterus. The compression applied the abdominal and lumbar regions helps improve posture, reduce back pain and have an overall effect to help women to recover from pregnancy.

Waist Trainers and Bodyshapers have been proven to work with hundreds of satisfied mothers using them for postpartum recovery. Our Ann Chery brand bodyshaper's and waist trainer are made from high quality medical grade materials and assist the uterus to shrink back into place faster, this along with supporting the back and the whole abdominal and lumbar section.

The Waist Trainer provide the perfect solution for c-section or natural childbirth recovery whilst keeping you feeling comfortable about your body. They are made from light and breathable materials, which allows the skin to breathe, fresh and comfortable to wear regularly. Our Ann Chery Waist Trainers come with an adjustable hook-eye closure or velcro fastening, allowing for easy adjustments and security as your body shape changes. This kind of security ensures women keep their modesty and feel comfortable as they go through the postpartum phase.

Waist Trainer UK's post pregnancy shapewear is comfortable to wear underneath your regular clothing during the recovery period, unlike other skin irritating belly wraps you may have seen before.


How Does Postpartum Recovery Work?

Every womans body is designed to recover from pregnancy naturally, however it can be hard for some women post-pregnancy to return to their best shape as hormones have a dramatic effect on the body. During the maternity phase the body releases female hormones the likes of oestrogen and progesterone that remain in the body after childbirth for many months after. These are the hormones that relax and loosen the abdominal muscles and stretch the abdominal surface area as the baby grows inside. They also loosen the structure around the pelvis including joints and ligaments to help women prepare for childbirth.

Ann Chery brand postpartum shapewear helps solve this problem by providing the all round support and stability. The compression and firmness helps compress the stretched out muscles closer to their original surface area. The support structure around the abdominal area in reinforced which reduces the strain on the lower back and pelvic region. Once your body has less stress acting against it then it can return to its correct posture and alignment. This strong foundation then allows the body to get back into shape and lose your baby belly fast. The compression from the postpartum waist trainer enables organs to return to their original position after a few weeks of natural childbirth or c-section. A postpartum waist trainer or bodyshaper becomes an essential part of post-pregnancy recovery on your way back to pre-pregnancy shape.

Postpartum Waist Trainer and Exercise

When most people want to get into shape they think of an exercise programme with a calorie controlled diet, however things are not as simple as that for women after pregnancy. During pregnancy the abdominal muscles are completely transformed to best support and accommodate the growing baby in the womb. The abdominal structure is made of four layers that work together to provide the stability, support and mobility allowing the full range of motion of the body.

During post-pregnancy as the abdominal region and uterus return to their original size most women suffer pain through cramps. Using a postpartum waist trainer will keep the uterus supported, which will speed up the healing process. If you have had more than one pregnancy you might feel more pain with cramping, by using a postpartum wrap it can prevent this discomfort.

This is why we highly recommend using our postpartum waist trainers and bodyshaper's especially if your goal is to return to your pre-pregnancy shape and even more so if you've had more than one baby. The stretching from previous pregnancies will have made the muscles increasingly weaker.

Waist Training is generally considered a far much safer and non invasive way of making your waist smaller unlike extreme diets, pills or surgeries.