Latex Waist Trainer Guide

What is a Waist Trainer?

Many people exercise but see very little change to their bodies. Why? No amount of exercise will help you achieve your body goals unless your diet is controlled too.

If you struggle with over-eating, wearing a waist trainer can diminish your appetite. Instead of eating 2-3 large meals per day, you should feel fuller and may be more inclined to eat more smaller portioned meals throughout the day (eating more frequently can speed up your metabolism).

Persistently wearing your waist trainer and controlling food intake can result in a flatter, more toned and tighter looking stomach region, even when your waist trainer is off.

Waist trainers are not only great for appetite suppression, but also encourage an improved posture as it forces you to sit/stand in an upright position.

This can result in the relief of back pain and tension that you probably did not realize was caused from poor posture, in particular those who stand or sit for long periods at a time throughout the day e.g. retail, hospitality, office job.

In order to maintain your progress for long term results; your waist trainer should be used in conjunction with a healthy, balanced diet and moderate exercise.

All of our Waist Trainers are the best sellers from the Ann Chery range. We only sell the Ann Chery luxury brand because they are the highest quality available and the most popular worldwide. Ann Chery manufacture's these Waist Training Cinchers (Fajas) in Colombia with the highest standard of quality and comfort. Waist training using Ann Chery waist trainer is healthy and safe, and the most effective way as they are specially designed from medical grade latex and flexi-boning that moulds to your body. They are all made with an inner cotton lining that provides freshness and comfort, and protects your skin from latex. They are all specially designed for invisible slimming with flat seems so they are not visible under your garments! 

All of our Ann Chery range are as effective as each other and all work in the same way, the main difference in the waist trainers are the size and style. Like for example you can wear all of them under your daywear, or for wearing to exercise in, working out or at the gym. We have 2 and 3 hook waist trainers. The 3 hook waist trainers are slightly longer in length and the 3rd hook gives you the extra ability to go another level tighter as your waist line reduces and your curves come out. 

The reason celebrities such as the Kardashians, the Jenner's and Jessica Alba have been using Ann Chery waist trainers for years is very clever, but its not rocket science! They do exactly what they are designed to do! 

This is how they work...

The flexi boning makes it comfortably adjust to your body. The outer latex material creates thermal activity around your midsection, while instantly creating the hourglass shape with compression and perspiration. You will notice your hourglass shape instantly, and users have reported inch loss of up to 4 inches within 30 days, although results may vary from individual persons. Other amazing benefits are they correct your posture, and strengthen your abs and core!

The beauty of having a luxury Ann Chery waist trainer is you can wear it while at work, at home, doing your daily routine, a night out or at a special event and look amazing! Because of the high quality your waist trainer can be used at the gym or while doing your personal work out at home, or going for a run or walks. All the while you are achieving the perfect waist without even thinking about it! 

Please measure your waist before you order, see our sizing advice for help! 

Our best tip is, even if you don't buy your luxury Ann Chery Waist Trainer from, please do not buy cheap imitations. As always with quality, you get what you pay for! Cheap waist trainers aren't good, good waist trainers aren't cheap!

Benefits of Using a Waist Trainer

Trying to lose weight?

Diet is always the most essential part in any weight loss plan. By safely compressing your stomach, waist trainers can effectively curb appetites as the body adjusts to eating smaller portions during meals.

Trying to tone up?

Wearing a waist trainer during exercise increases perspiration (which has a cleansing effect, removing toxins and impurities) and helps the body’s thermogenesis process.

Suffer from back pain caused by sitting or standing all day?

Improve your posture with waist training as it aids in keeping the body upright. Waist trainers assist those who stand or sit for extended periods of time, keeping you from slouching , helping to relive tension and pain in the back.

How do you use a waist trainer?

Waist trainers can be worn underneath your everyday clothes as shapewear to enhance your body. Even exposed they make for a fashionable addition to your outfit especially in conjunction with your usual activewear.

To wear one, start by hooking your waist trainer from the top and working your way down. With each hook, pull both sides and hook them to the clasp as you go down for an easier process.

When using a waist trainer, you must allow for your body to adapt and become comfortable to the compression of the waist trainer. We recommend wearing a waist trainer when first starting out for shorter periods of time of about 2 to 4 hours per day, in order to become better accustomed to the feeling. Eventually you will feel comfortable with progressively adding more hours to your waist training program. The waist trainer will have to be worn-in you can then begin to use the next set of clasps in making the trainer tighter. During the weight loss process, you will begin to see and feel the difference as the waist trainer becomes more comfortable and less tight. Bear in mind that everyone’s body shapes are different and that results are not always replicable.

How do I get the most out of my waist trainer?

We recommend using two waist trainers during your weight loss program in order to give each trainer a resting period. This will ensure maximum effectiveness in keeping your stomach firm. Your waist trainers should be hand washed in warm water with a non-scented detergent and laid flat to air dry. Stains can be removed using non-chlorine bleach.

Remember the waist trainer is not a quick fix! You must eat clean and exercise to see results. Waist training is about supporting you along your way and your body goals.

For best results and a permanent waist-reduction and re-shaping you must practice the 3 following components in conjunction with wearing your waist trainer:

  1. Drink plenty of water to help flush out toxins
  2. Healthy & Well balanced Diet 
  3. Regular Exercise